FML. Really. No, REALLY really.

Imagine we’re on Facebook here.

Erinire A…

Just found out she has a health insurance deductible of $4,000. Good thing she’s not at all dependent on weekly therapy and expensive medication to keep her alive!

… Oh, wait.

Well, at least she’s incredibly wealthy, right?

… She’s not? Shit, OK, well…

At least she hasn’t racked up a lot of service charges, thinking she actually had REAL ACTUAL health insurance!

… oh, so you mean, she DID think she actually had real actual health insurance.

Alright… So then, um, at least she has that tax rebate coming back, huh?

Oh, she OWES.

Wait, what? FIVE GRAND? Get out of here, you can’t be serious.

You are serious. OK. Um…

So, then, like…

Yeah hey, know what, I have this, um, thing… around the corner, so… yeah. Gotta go. Sorry. Here’s my last Miller High Life.

… No, no really, take it. Least I can do, considering.

Oh, come on now, don’t start crying! Oh, man…


3 responses to “FML. Really. No, REALLY really.”

  1. holy christ. i’m sorry erin. frigging awful.


  2. god that’s how i feel about my hospital bills. “oh, im too broke to go to the hospital?” boo. im sorry to hear about the money problems. hope we hit the jackpot soon.


  3. Parity? What parity? I’m sorry. My insurance sucks too…it doesn’t cover anything like what I really need it to cover. To offset some of the problem, I’m working out the details of a Canadian Rx plan. (Not online…just can’t know what I’m going to get.) If it would help you, I’ll share my intel and connections.


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