Category: worst week ever

  • My lovely self, in the psych ward.

    So there’s this thing I never talked about, before I stopped talking altogether. I didn’t talk because I couldn’t talk, because it was all too close and awful, and the other day I read this thing and now, in my head, I can’t stop talking. I didn’t talk because I couldn’t, because, in June […]

  • Sometimes I think I’m charged with negative ions.

    In what seems like a string of unimaginable coincidences, in the past several weeks I have spent the better part of a month’s salary on not-so-extravagant electronic items, only to have them die at their pulse-driven cores: zero by one by one. 1) Failed 2009 MacBook Pro RAM upgrade: $150 +/- 12 hours of my […]

  • Can still remember.

    Ten years ago, I woke up to my roommates screaming. At first I was annoyed, I mean, it’s like 8:30am, TONE IT DOWN ALREADY. Then I saw. And we were all quiet. My father was flying out of Boston that day, but I didn’t know where. The phone lines were down, so I couldn’t call […]

  • Dear The Internet, Thanks for Nothing.

    So B! and I have officially become slave nursemaids to our eldest cat, That Jake. We are giving him liquid antibiotics four times daily, injecting SQ fluid once nightly, and generally monitoring his progress while he recovers from what sounds like some kind of liver failure. He explains it very well on his Facebook page, […]

  • At least the maze rats get cheese or whatever.

    Last week sometime, B! was informed that his debit card had been used to make some small purchases in Europe. The card was subsequently cancelled. Just around the same time, I lost track of my own debit card. But I’m lazy about weird things, so I didn’t call to report it. “It’ll turn up,” I […]