Category: personal hell

  • Only on the Blue Line?

    So things are terrible here in Boston, and, after yesterday’s MBTA shutdown, I wasn’t expecting a swift commute home. The Red Line took forever – it wasn’t even worth trying to swim through the sea of passengers at Downtown Crossing to make my connection to the Orange. Walking the something-odd blocks to State Street, I wondered […]

  • Quiet, now.

    This has been total hell. The whole spring-into-summer. One slow-burning, creeping infection that reinvented itself hourly. There was the hospitalization, of course, but that was just the beginning. That was only the spark. It wasn’t like last time, this past time – again, June. There was no brandishing grand hopes of success or faith in newly […]

  • Bearing up

    It goes without saying that things have been happening. Despite what one might wish, things are always happening. We are powerless to stop it. Some normal things happen, that much is for sure, and some wonderful things, but some things you wish you could pretend AREN’T happening also happen. It’s on again, this war in […]

  • A Geek Tragedy

    So I wound up returning that computer I bought, just in case any of y’all were breathless with anticipation. I returned it and I got a new one and then, pretty much immediately, my 2009 MacBook Pro died. Or rather, I killed it. I was replacing its hard drive with the 1TB beast from B!’s […]

  • I am so grossed out right now.

    So there’s this bush out front of my house, right, and it’s always covered in flies and spiderwebs. Like, I really think there’s something WRONG with it – maybe there’s a carcass rotting underneath the branches, or maybe there’s a nest of some kind of nastiness buried underneath its roots. There’s a lot of snails […]