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  • When a loss is a win. And, kind of, a loss.

    I was nineteen the first time I went to New York City. Kaia, my college roommate, is heir to a Jersey City brownstone just blocks from the Hudson, and starting my sophomore year I began making regular trips. During those heady days I would basically split my time off between NY and Boston, each visit […]

  • A rare gift and a fun trip

    While gleefully paying down $1500.00 of my credit card debt, I noticed that my APR had dropped 15 points. I’ve been gently nosing the upper limit of the card for months now, so I thought, if anything, they’d increase my credit line, which is tantamount to feeding a junkie weak methadone and calling it a […]

  • It’s that time again, folks,

    that time of the month I warn the dude readers to avert their eyes. But first, a story. For most of my life, I’ve not been a fan of girls. Even as little kid, I would rather play Transformers with the boys across the street than Barbies with the girls next door. (The boys across […]

  • Driving. Suxxx.

    So en route to visit my college roommate, who lives in Jersey City, Mapquest took me down the Henry Hudson Parkway, and through the Holland tunnel. I’d never gone toher house this way, in all the (six? eight?) years I’d known her, and I thought I might have screwed something up in my hand-written directions. […]

  • not to worry, not to fear

    I’m back, safe and sound and with a pickled liver. I don’t know if you all know this, but you’re supposed to save up your partying for new year’s EVE, not blow your wad on the eve of new year’s eve. Nevertheless, my college roommate and I spent the night of December 30 splitting a […]