Category: Jamaica

  • Island Time

    So I’ve been trying to make a post about the trip, but I’m having trouble reconciling what I expected and what I found to be true. We got off the plane and it was so hot I almost melted right there on the tarmac, but I tried to enjoy it, because it was Jamaica. We […]

  • Words of advice

    Should you travel to Jamaica, I’d advise that you bring: – many small bills – your game face – a taste for rum – a bathing suit As corollary, I’d advise that you leave at home: – any concern whatsoever about the state of your bank account – pity for the impoverished masses – your […]

  • logan. bah.

    I’m sitting in Logan airport. It’s barely past 5am. I’ve been up since 4, and I fell asleep at 2, and I kind of feel like I’ve just passed a bottle of Tabasco through my rectum. Logan radio is playing soft rock, the Starbucks is playing some kind of hybrid house compilation that would feel […]