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  • Costa Rica: Day of Fail

    “What should we do today?”someone asked. It was a very hungover eleven AM, the kind of hungover that renders you incapable of ordering a sandwich,washing your face, or finding matching shoes. I felt like someone had opened up my skull and removed my frontal lobe with a melon baller. After ruling out a zipline canopy […]

  • Costa Rica: the story so far

    (((WRITTEN LAST NIGHT, BEFORE MY INTERNET KEYPASS EXPIRED))) I only have a few minutes here, probably, as we’re huddled in a mountaintop hotel in the middle of what, by my estimation, is a total fucking hurricane, but we’ll try this out and see how it goes. In Costa Rica, so far, I have: – drunk […]

  • I hear that step one is admitting you have a problem…

    and I think I’m addicted to my computer. I fly out tomorrow to spend seven days drinking in Costa Rica, a 30th birthday celebration for my girl Christina**, and all I can think about is WTF I’ll do without my sweet little MacBook. Let it be known, I have no shortage of other crap to […]