Category: sloth

  • I’m listening to a really annoying song to get me in the mood.

    I have this list of meaningless things I hate to do. It’s not a real list, it’s just in my head, but it’s definitely there. And lately, it’s been compounding. I’ve always kind of hated filling ice cube trays, an effort which usually ends with me having to mop the floor, which I only mildly […]

  • life in the fast lane.

    I think all i want to do today is eat dry raisin bran by the handful and smell the day-old cat piss wafting off the couch. Oh, wait. that’s all i *have* done today. Fuck.

  • it’s not that i don’t love my blog,

    but, as I put it in an email to a friend the other day, my life has been like this: One day, I thought I’d take a shower. Then, I got up and went to work for 14 hours. That’s it, folks, just a bunch of long-ass days, abbreviated weekends, and precious little free time. […]

  • who is with me?

    It’s 5pm on Christmas eve, and I’m blogging instead of wrapping my presents. I know there’s someone else out there in the same boat. I tried to con my sister into doing the wrapping for me. She said no. Plus, the biggest presents are for her anyway, so no help there. I’ve recently become overfond […]

  • is it bad…

    … that I just opened my 32-ounce vat of Seven Stars Lowfat yogurt and, finding that the yogurt surface was covered in orange dots, decided to try it anyway just to make sure that orange dots really = bad yogurt? If not, is it bad that, even after deciding the yogurt was spoiled, I still […]