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  • Return of the King:

    I’ve been in contact with Pusser again. For those of you who remember, he was my partner in crime from the North Dakota days, as well as my boss for many years prior. I’m talking 2002-2006 era. And then, in 2009, he fell off the map. My map, at least. Completely. This is not about […]

  • I don’t think I’m totally comfortable with Ketamine.

    I’m on Twitter a lot for work, and, though it’s work and not play, I often find links to interesting content that’s not entirely suitable for an RT. As an example (and per the above): Ketamine for depression? I don’t remember who I found this from, but it’s kind of blowing my mind. My time […]

  • Lesson learned: next time, wear socks.

    So yesterday I was farting around online, looking for people to IM and compulsively checking Facebook, when my baby sister Molly (Molly) posted something about watching the meteor shower out by Castle Island. Now, I’m not a person who gets really into astronomy (or anything, for that matter, but let’s put depressive malaise to one […]

  • One-woman revolution

    I hate GPS the way some people hate paperboys. You know what I’m talking about; that little white envelope, the hope for a tip, a reminder that you’re a horrible person because you’ll never – EVER – tip the paperboy. GPS is like that. It brings up your insecurities in this mindfuck backdoor fashion, all […]

  • KHW #10: Permanent reminder of shit we can’t forget

    I’d been thinking about it for awhile. I’d really been thinking about it for a good, long while. I had two already: the first, a shamrock, became kind of a family tradition once my little sister had a twin clover inked on the other side of her abdomen, and the other was hand-drawn by my […]