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    Fair warning. So two of my friends got married this summer, and, as their wedding present, I offered to document the ceremony and reception. I thought it would be a cheap, fun present, right? I just bring my camera down there, shoot the thing, bring it home, digitize, cut at my leisure, then get them […]

  • Only at the Festival

    At 5:30 in the morning on Sunday, June 1, I was seated outside a tent in the Catskills with my new friends Lisa and Stephanie, ripping on all the dirty hippies roaming the grounds of Mountain Jam. We’d been at it since around 4, and were having a great time for ourselves. There were people […]

  • Only 12 days? Really? ‘Cause it seemed a lot longer to me.

    The holidays are always a bit of a maelstrom. But this year, man, they just whipped me raw. My sister’s birthday falls two days before Christmas, and the birthday of one of my best friends is two days after. Megan’s celebration normally entails some type of party courtesy of moi (I love playing hostess, and […]

  • email me to get my username and password, ’cause SOMEBODY should get some use out of this crap.

    After a day of traipsing around East Boston and dining with the in-laws, Katsu and I spent last Saturday night at the estate of the domestic pirates. It started out as a normal evening; snacks and drinks at a local watering hole followed by deep conversation, video games, and Harpoon Summer back at the the […]

  • it’s summer now, and that means less working, more posting!

    I hate it when people write this big kiss-off to their blog, and that was NOT what the last one was meant to be! Time got away from me. Here’s why. For two weeks, I was on honeymoon vacation in Mexico. You know what that means, so posting was not my primary focus. Obviously, I’m […]