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  • Coming to Terms.

    My sister is getting married in June! JUNE! EEE!!! I am SO excited. She has picked out GORGEOUS dresses for us to wear, BEAUTIFUL flowers to adorn the space, and, most importantly, has set about ensuring that the cocktail hour is a feast not to be missed. But here’s the thing: The gown I had to […]

  • Baloney.

    So Christmas came again. The run-up was the usual mix of meditation and insanity, and the holiday went faster than I would have liked. I worked through Thursday evening, celebrated my sister’s birthday on Friday, then stayed at home with my family (and B!) until Monday afternoon. It was awesome. But being at home? It gives […]

  • When magic turns to dust

    I’ve been super busy lately, between the job I’m keeping and the job I’m leaving and the weddings and the client work and the apartment and the move and whatnot, but I like to think I’ve been keeping a handle on myself. I keep moving, I make lists, I don’t think too hard, and it […]

  • Labor Day, indeed.

    Sunday: Flew back from DC, where I’d shot my cousin’s wedding with the world’s greatest photographer. Katsumi picked me up, and we spent an hour or two drinking questionable Budweiser and eating food the neighbors cooked while we tried to pack up a veritable ocean of odds and ends. Got home at one, alarm set […]

  • Only 12 days? Really? ‘Cause it seemed a lot longer to me.

    The holidays are always a bit of a maelstrom. But this year, man, they just whipped me raw. My sister’s birthday falls two days before Christmas, and the birthday of one of my best friends is two days after. Megan’s celebration normally entails some type of party courtesy of moi (I love playing hostess, and […]