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  • Marriage Is A Human Construct.

    I considered posting this on Facebook, but quickly thought better of it. So why not post it on my blog, and THEN post it to Facebook. Amiright? Of course. So here it is: I probably support gay marriage more than most people – certainly more than most people in North Carolina – but I have […]

  • Can still remember.

    Ten years ago, I woke up to my roommates screaming. At first I was annoyed, I mean, it’s like 8:30am, TONE IT DOWN ALREADY. Then I saw. And we were all quiet. My father was flying out of Boston that day, but I didn’t know where. The phone lines were down, so I couldn’t call […]

  • Someday, there will be advertising in the sky, and that’s when I’ll officially move to the jungle.

    Generally speaking, I don’t enjoy billboards as a means of advertisement. They’re ugly, ostentatious, unavoidable, and visually assaulting. You’re stuck in traffic, sucking fumes, people are laying on their horns as though it makes a difference and there’s nothing to look at but these fucking billboards, and it sucks. I thought it couldn’t get worse […]

  • Yes I Am.

    I’ve been too busy following post-election Sarah Palin news to bother with such small things as posting on teh blog. Or calling MA DOR to inform them of my employment status. Or mailing my grandma those pictures or returning the shoes or brushing my hair. There are some totally hot pictures of Palin on, […]


    WHAT COLOR ARE SARAH PALIN’S DEBATE SHOES??? Nobody on googletalk or twitter has given me a satisfactory answer. Please weigh in.