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  • Let’s talk about something different.

    Let’s talk about my legs. And how they are covered with disgusting, itchy eczema. Let’s talk about the soles of my feet, and the psoriasis. How it wakes me up at night. How I’m too embarrassed to get pedicures, and how I pre-emptively apologize to anyone who might have the misfortune of removing my sandals. […]

  • Marriage Is A Human Construct.

    I considered posting this on Facebook, but quickly thought better of it. So why not post it on my blog, and THEN post it to Facebook. Amiright? Of course. So here it is: I probably support gay marriage more than most people – certainly more than most people in North Carolina – but I have […]

  • you think you’re so cute, don’t you, with your holiday-themed board.

    There’s this enormous LED screen on the side of my building. It’s square, which I don’t understand, and runs a constant, slow-moving loop of video clips from upcoming shows. Today, as I drove in to work, there was a shot of three ships bobbing gently on the ocean. I was like, “hm, are we re-airing […]