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  • Needs a new coat. Preferably something in a nice shade of mustard.

    So my winter jacket is too small for me, now. Read that: my WINTER JACKET. How is a winter jacket too small? And, moreover, how is a winter jacket too small FOR ME? I’ve always been tiny. Always been short, skinny, petite. During the high days of my eating disorder, one might have added frail, […]

  • Money doesn’t talk, it whispers.

    The button on my favorite jeans broke today. My only comfortable jeans. The only ones that don’t make me feel fat. And my first instinct was to go out and buy another pair. I mean, they’re just Lucky Brand, not like, Paige Denim or something, so we’re talking about a relatively small investment. Just $99 […]

  • Then and now

    Things I could handle just fine in January 2010: – being unemployed – asking my husband for a divorce – moving in with my parents – giving up my kitchen – getting dressed   Things I could not handle just fine in January 2011: – working – a friendly phone call from said husband – […]

  • I think they call it “chilling out”.

    I have done nothing all weekend. I didn’t do anything at night, I didn’t do anything during the day, I’ve done absolutely nothing. I was sick on Friday, so I spent most of the afternoon on the daybed-futon, propped up by pillows and quilted in with blankets. By Saturday I fully expected to be worse, […]

  • Someday is now.

    When I was about 25 or so, my then-28-year-old friend told me: “Someday, you’re just going to want to stay in on Friday nights.” I didn’t believe him. Friday night was the PARTY night, the night to HIT THE TOWN. Friday night was for dancing, Friday night was for champagne. Friday night was definitely NOT […]