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  • Little high, Little low

    Walking into Starbucks at 7:15PM tonight, I uncovered one more miniscule advantage to being a member of the gentler sex, and that is the edge of the one-stall restroom. This particular Starbucks boasts separate lavatory accomodations for gentleman and ladies, and a khaki-clad, bespectacled man waited his turn in the alcove. “Is anyone in – […]

  • You can thank me later.

    To have a really awesome day, the first crucial thing to do is wake up with a hangover. This will really set things on the right path. Next, what you need to do is DRINK A LOT OF COFFEE. I mean, LOTS. On an empty stomach. If you’re really aiming for the stars, get one […]

  • too soon, too late

    Despite the tra la la of last night, I didn’t go to sleep until like 1am. I got a little drunk and started finding former interns on facebook and invited them all to my party, and the ambitious 7:45am wake-up call was met with a groan and a plea to set the alarm for 8:15. […]

  • Overheard in the coffeeshop

    “oh, please, Daniel, you objectify ten times before BREAKfast.” Dear girl in coffeeshop, please shut your goddamn piehole. thanks! Erin