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  • Let’s talk about something different.

    Let’s talk about my legs. And how they are covered with disgusting, itchy eczema. Let’s talk about the soles of my feet, and the psoriasis. How it wakes me up at night. How I’m too embarrassed to get pedicures, and how I pre-emptively apologize to anyone who might have the misfortune of removing my sandals. […]

  • Roughing it:

    So last Friday night I stayed over at a friend’s house. It was later on in the evening when I got there – 8:30, maybe – and she and I had a great time eating delicious food, drinking delicious wine, paraffin waxing our hands, and dancing to music on her iPod. She passed out around […]

  • (Not) Getting a Cab in Austin: Part 1

    So I just got back from SXSW, which it’s actually difficult for me to type without a hashtag, and I had like, an 85% great time. Only 85%? But SXSW (#) is supposed to be, like, Geek Mecca! Nirvana for the nerd set! Hipster heaven! And it was all that – and more! It was awesome […]

  • Carpe Diem?

    From this article, which trumpets the value of morning time. Savor Something.Whether you like a big breakfast omelet or prefer toast and tea, eating food you enjoy can’t help but affect your mood for the better. Stock up on the ingredients you need to create your favorite breakfast, so they’re always in your cupboard first […]

  • is Busy with Things

    So go look at my Tumblr.