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So I work for this non-profit part-time, doing social media management and IT infrastructure. And today, this thing we made we went viral. Totally viral. We’ve front-paged on Grist, HuffPo, WaPo, GIZMODO, Reddit, Daily Mail, and on and on and on. I can’t even list the links, there are so many. Our website just reached 100,000 visits today. We’ve already had to scale up our servers once. Our Facebook fans are set to double, we’re seeing more action on Google+ than Google+ has probably ever seen, and I’m hammering out tweets like I’m getting paid for it.

Oh wait. I am.

The best picture ever

OK so whatever, anyway, this is completely overwhelming for me. One second I’m giddy with excitement, the next I’m ready to pass out, and the next I find myself out back on the porch, chain smoking and reloading my Pages app… not in a healthy way. So I’m just putting this out there, giving out some free advice for my peeps: this going viral business? IT IS NOT ALL FLOWERS AND ROSES.

Gleeful and nauseous,




Lightroom! Why??


I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance – I just spun up the hard drive with my photo archive only to find that my Lightroom catalog for said photo archive had disappeared. So I’m making myself feel better by going through old pictures and admiring them in their natural beauty. Here’s a pretty one, taken in 2009 with my friend Stephl’s camera. It was pretty cold out.


Here’s Jake passed out on my parents’ old couch. I think this was the first time I ever used a 50mm lens.


The infamous “beauty” sign near the Produce District in Chelsea… I loved it so much I got it tattooed on my left calf. No picture I could ever take would match the splendor of the real thing. It’s gone now. They painted it over.


This is my mom’s Nativity set. My sisters and I used to get so excited if we got the Baby Jesus, and super bummed out if we got a big ugly camel.


I don’t know what this is. But it looks pretty tripped out.


Uff, God, and now I just got into newer pictures that I did a lot of editing work to, and I kind of want to die again. So to close it out, here’s Totoro. Because nobody can want to die after looking at his sweet face.


A Geek Tragedy


So I wound up returning that computer I bought, just in case any of y’all were breathless with anticipation. I returned it and I got a new one and then, pretty much immediately, my 2009 MacBook Pro died.

Or rather, I killed it.

I was replacing its hard drive with the 1TB beast from B!’s 2007 model, and there must have been some sort of static discharge because now the damn thing won’t even boot. If you put your ear very close to the keyboard you can hear the gentle purr of parts whirring, but there’s no lights, no chimes, and certainly no error messages to pave the way. I emailed my tech guy (yup, I have a tech guy) and he agreed that I was totally screwed. So we’re debating between a new Mac Mini or a 13″ MacBook Pro from 2011. Like money grows on trees.

I feel bad about killing the computer, but not THAT bad. I mean, I probably should have taken better precautions when I was changing out the drives – all the RAM installs had made me a little cavalier. But you know what? Lesson learned. Why look back. Ever forward. Now we get another new toy, which is fun, and I get to spend more of my credit card company’s hard-earned capital. So it’s really a win-win.


Posting about Facebook on Facebook.


B! deactivated his Facebook profile a few days ago, if nobody’s noticed. I hate it when people deactivate their Facebook profiles, and always feel irrationally responsible when someone does so. The fact that I have Defriend Finder doesn’t help matters any. At any rate, I knew he’d deactivated practically before he’d hit “confirm”.

Rather peeved, I asked him, “So does this mean I’m single on Facebook?”

He didn’t think it was very funny. He may even have found it slightly creepy. I, however, think it’s hilarious. Single on Facebook! What a concept! I’d go ahead and change my relationship status, but that would probably be kind of alarming… to those of us who are on Facebook, anyway.

Unsent Tweets (geekery, etc)


@FCPX: You are bizarre. I see certain arguments for you, I suppose, but if I can’t open a 6.0.6 XML I’m totally calling BS.

@Pinterest: Why don’t you let me message other users? And how many people are actually following me, anyway? Profile says 78, Boards say 125.

@AVIDMC5: I know you’re supposed to be better than this. Show me your power.

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