• SHAMELESS self-promotion

    HEY HEY GUYS! GUYS! I’M ON THE INTERNET! FOR REAL THIS TIME! If I haven’t already compelled you to watch these videos through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Gmail bombardment, I beseech you one last time to indulge me. I am so proud of these little pieces – I edited “Activities“, “Classes“, “Friends“, “Home“, and “The Key…

  • I’m a total genius

    Sky & Erik from Erin Anguish on Vimeo. Stupid WordPress won’t let me post the video, because I’m not paying them $59.95/year for hosting, but you can go there and watch. I’m impressed with myself, gotta say.


    May I present: my first time shooting! And I’m in the desert! Please note the heels.

  • What I did on my blogging vacation:

    All shot in HD video by yours truly. Even while unemployed, my horizons keep expanding.

  • KHW #10: When nature bites back.

    I was reclining in the van around 3pm on Mother’s Day, relaxing, enjoying the maginfied springtime sun, while everyone else was outdoors shooting. In the midst of a daydream about the new Star Trek film, I happened to look down and see a tick crawling up my pant leg. Now, I’m not a country girl…

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