I can’t figure out how to feel about this.

“You know this is gonna be pricey, right?” asked the cashier at CVS this evening.

Oh, I knew alright. Last time I filled my Effexor it took an eighty-dollar bite out of my wallet, and this time I was also refilling my Abilify – my only nongeneric. I smiled and nodded, ready for whatever.

“Five hundred and fifteen dollars.” she said.

OK, I wasn’t ready for that.

Needless to say, I did not complete the purchase. I mean, that’s ridiculous. That’s like, half my rent. That’s like, more than I spend on groceries. And, point blank, I don’t HAVE five hundred dollars. Not even close.

So welcome to Crazy again, I guess.

“Buckle your seatbelts, ha ha,” said B!, when I told him the good news. That was going to be the title of this post. Then I remembered how terrible I’m about to feel in about three or four days, and I decided it wasn’t a funny joke.

4 Responses to I can’t figure out how to feel about this.

  1. Tom says:

    Is buying black market drugs from Canada an option? Not like I have contacts or knowledge or anything, but I’ve got to imagine black market prices are less than five hundred samolians.

    Update: I have just been informed that if you drive over the border to buy them at a reputable Canadian pharmacy it’s not actually “black market” Hooray legality!


  2. Jen says:

    Wow that is alot! I am very lucky that my two drugs are also in generics.


  3. Cristie says:

    My cousin was in your boat last winter–aged out of her old insurance, suddenly couldn’t afford her ADHD meds, suddenly couldn’t hold down a job. I think she wound up ordering from http://www.canadadrugs.com. Alternately, I’m driving from Boston to Canada (Nova Scotia) at the end of the month if you want a ride over the border. We could put you on a bus back from the Maine side…


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