Shrink Shopping

Man, talking about yourself is exhausting. I had one appointment yesterday and one today, with two very nice female therapists. Neither of them talked about baggage insurance kiosks, or spent an hour lecturing me about how my husband really needs a doctor of his own. We talked about me. Which was kind of nice. But also kind of draining.

It’s kind of a drag getting all that history stuff over with: the sexual assault, the ensuing ED, the failed attempts at therapy. And then it’s kind of a drag getting all that current stuff over with: my breakdown, what led up to it, my divorce and my current, rather perplexing, partnership. It’s kind of a pain dealing with this new health insurance, and it’s kind of a pain driving new places.

But I think today I found a keeper. And now the real work begins.

4 responses to “Shrink Shopping”

  1. I find I kind of just stick with a therapist, even if it’s not working, rather than have to find a new one, because it is, as you said, exhausting.
    I think what I want to find is a magical fairy godmother to just make it all better!


    1. man, my old therapist was the DEFINITION of not working. I stuck with her for like 8 months!


  2. Good luck and let us know how it goes. I loathe the introductory crap that comes with finding a new therapist. Even more than that, I hate the health insurance nonsense. My husband and I are going to Canada this weekend to buy my meds. Stupid.


  3. I am glad that you like one of them!!! At least one hurdle is over.


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