Life imitates Art

And I need a break.

Unfortunately, I can’t take a break from life – much though I’ve tried this past week. There’ve been AVID systems to set up and files to be transcribed and tapes to be digitized and late-night dinners to be bought. I got back from a weekend in New York and felt so ENERGIZED, and man, Monday just sucked all the joy out of my existence. The joy-suck continued through… well, pretty much through now. And I fear it will keep continuing through mid-October.

I’m not gonna lie, I stayed in bed every morning this week until the second or third time my phone rang, and I considered it a coup of sorts when I roused myself to make a phone call to our AVID tech at 11:30am only to fall back asleep until somewhere around two. I know, I know, this too shall pass, but in the interim I beg for your patience. My job needs me, I need my sanity, and although my job can test my sanity I need my job. So really, by not posting, I’m saving you all the misery of sludging alongside my depressive day-to-day.

Again, you can thank me later.

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