"weekend update" is a lame title, but there you have it.

yes, I AM working today, thank you very much, and I sort of wish I wasn’t, because I spent all weekend getting drunk in DC with my sister.


And also, Free!!

I was sent to the District on business, which is SO COOL, and even though my outgoing flight was delayed 2 hours I kept myself busy with white wine and tabloids. By the time I got on board, I was already pretty toasted. I was all set to settle down with a diet coke and the Economist when I heard the four best words in the English language: “Complimentary beer and wine”

US Airways shuttle, I love you.

Things only got better from there. At the bar that night, we were on the receiving end of a free round (vino for my sister, yuengling for me) from a friendly bartender who politely ignored our overloud conversation about the benefits v. risks of natural family planning. The next day included a divine lunch where I sipped what was quite possibly the best cocktail ever to pass my lips, makeovers at Sephora, sushi dinner on the company tab, and much stumbling, as a long day of drinking + stiletto heels + icy sidewalks do not = good late-night balance.

And then? There’s this Whole Foods in Fairfax? WHERE THEY SERVE ALCOHOL. Seriously, tell me that’s not the most fantastic marketing scheme in the world. Megan and I sat at an island in the middle of the store and feasted on oysters and broiled salmon while I drank a half-bottle of champagne. Being drunk in Whole Foods is probably the best thing ever, and also a wonderful way to justify the purchase of overpriced organic produce.

The crown jewel of the weekend, though, had to be Sunday night. My flight home was delayed about half an hour, and I boarded the plane with three – count ’em – three – other people. So the stewardess moved us all up to first class where I spent the return trip happily sucking down free bloody marys and finishing the book I’d bought while waiting in Logan on Friday night.

In short, weekend was awesome and am very tired today.

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