Let’s talk about something different.

Let’s talk about my legs.

And how they are covered with disgusting, itchy eczema.

Let’s talk about the soles of my feet, and the psoriasis. How it wakes me up at night. How I’m too embarrassed to get pedicures, and how I pre-emptively apologize to anyone who might have the misfortune of removing my sandals.

So when I was in the Bin this last time I was talking to one of the girls about it, and describing how awful and gross it was to have eczema on your legs AND psoriasis on the soles of your feet. She was on the verge of asking me to show it when a nurse interrupted.

“Coconut oil!” she crowed, over the din. She repeated herself for good measure. “It works wonders,” she promised, before turning on her heel and leaving the room.

So last week, in the spirit of self-soothing, I went out and bought myself a jar.



It’s hot as anything in here, so it’s all melted now. But before the Wave of Unbearable Heat, it had a consistency like cool butter and melted perfectly as I rubbed it into my skin. It was freakin’ AMAZING. Pretty soon I’m reading all about it, how it’s good for all SORTS of things. Great for your skin, great for shaving, GREAT for your hair, apparently – especially if it generally hovers somewhere between “frizzy” and “wavy” even on a cold winter day (hello, check). Some people use it as face wash, if you can believe that! And wow, suddenly I’m slathering this stuff on my legs, rubbing it on my feet, dipping my fingers in the jar like holy water, and practically SPOONING it over my hair, where it then sat for 2 hours, wrapped up in a bun. Don’t worry, I washed it out.

Liquid gold?

But you know what? For all the hype? My legs are even MORE red and itchy than before, the soles of my feet are doing… a little better, which is not to say that they aren’t still completely disgusting / awful, and my hair still hasn’t dried from this morning. On the plus side, I smell like a tropical island ALLTHETIME and B! felt compelled to make Mai Tais tonight. I’d like to take some measure of credit for that.

2 responses to “Let’s talk about something different.”

  1. Dr. Bronner’s soap. Made with hemp oil. Worked wonders on Shay’s leg rash.


  2. I have ezcema and psoriasis too and it was recommended by my dermatologist that I use vitamin E oil. Same basic principle, but it’s just E and doesn’t have the coconut part. I buy a brand called Bio Oil (with the lotions at Walgreens) and it honestly has helped. It doesn’t really do much for ezcema/psoriasis except to support the new skin underneath. It helps a LOT for itching, especially on my scalp. I have the opposite problem on my feet (caused by ezcema) where my feet aren’t dry or flaky, but they’re always “new skin” so they blister EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear shoes. I have to tape up my feet with blister tape every time I have a closed-toe shoe. The vitamin E really helps that skin feel more moist and it’s less prone to blistering.

    My best results for both the ezcema and psoriasis have been from an Rx for steroid cream. It takes about 10 days to “kick in” but it will completely get rid of my dry, scabby areas. I have two: for the tough psoriasis plaques, I use “Betamethasone dip aug cream 50mg” and for the ezcema parts, I use “Desonide 0.05% cream 30gm.” Not sure how the costs vary between insurance plans, but my Rx refills cost about $2.50 for each and because the cream in the tube is VERY thick, it goes a long way. Also, my ezcema isn’t super severe, but I use my cream on my face almost every day and I still have the same tube from January. So if it’s not too expensive, it might be worth a shot for your legs.


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