A Geek Tragedy

So I wound up returning that computer I bought, just in case any of y’all were breathless with anticipation. I returned it and I got a new one and then, pretty much immediately, my 2009 MacBook Pro died.

Or rather, I killed it.

I was replacing its hard drive with the 1TB beast from B!’s 2007 model, and there must have been some sort of static discharge because now the damn thing won’t even boot. If you put your ear very close to the keyboard you can hear the gentle purr of parts whirring, but there’s no lights, no chimes, and certainly no error messages to pave the way. I emailed my tech guy (yup, I have a tech guy) and he agreed that I was totally screwed. So we’re debating between a new Mac Mini or a 13″ MacBook Pro from 2011. Like money grows on trees.

I feel bad about killing the computer, but not THAT bad. I mean, I probably should have taken better precautions when I was changing out the drives – all the RAM installs had made me a little cavalier. But you know what? Lesson learned. Why look back. Ever forward. Now we get another new toy, which is fun, and I get to spend more of my credit card company’s hard-earned capital. So it’s really a win-win.


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