Spend enough time at the pool, eventually you’re gonna get wet.

I know, people are assholes on the internet. Back in the days of Orkut I used to encourage engagement with such folk, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve mellowed down. Happy, medicated, more mature, I rarely interact with the flame war ilk.

But I do still have a temper.

So I bought this thing on etsy, a sticker for B!’s laptop, and I gave it a “neutral” review. The seller reacted by giving me, the buyer, a “negative” review. I thought this was a dick move, and I told him so in a message.

I gave a neutral rating because it’s much larger in real life than it is on your store site, and I felt the image was disingenuous. You can leave my negative review up, but that’s a pretty lame way to retaliate.

He comes back and says that I should have let him know what size I wanted, and that he gave me the “standard” size. After some more back and forth, he provides this as an argument:

Next time you go to Wal-mart, Kohls, Target, etc and you buy a shirt or something similar that is sized related…let’s see if they ask you on the way out if you got the right one to fit you. If you get it home and it doesn’t work, is it the stores fault because they didn’t ask you if it was the correct size? or let’s go to best buy and purchase a macbook bag or case. Say you have a 13 inch but buy a 15 inch and didn’t notice it until later. I guess it is the stores fault for not making sure you made the correct size choice while in the store? Seriously..

to which I reply,

This might be a hard concept for you to grasp: your store is virtual. Customers can’t pick up your item, touch it, look at it, as they might in a Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Target, etc. And also, these retailers have a RETURN POLICY, in case someone makes a mistake. You might take a tip from their service managers as well, because I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t talk back to their customers like this.

After a few more exchanges he offers to let bygones be bygones if I just admit I was wrong, which, of course, I’m not about to. I tell him so, and bid him good day. As a final kiss-off, he adds three more negative feedback entries for products I had bought and rated as “positive”. So now, to the outside world, I look like the asshole.

This may be all, oh, ok, whatever, who cares if I have negative reviews on etsy.com, but seriously? I GAVE THIS GUY MONEY. AND HE TOTALLY SCREWED ME OVER. It’s the online purchasing equivalent of Dick’s Last Resort, if Dick’s Last Resort was funded by Haliburton and they served your meal with a side of red-hot nail files. Comments, anyone?

17 responses to “Spend enough time at the pool, eventually you’re gonna get wet.”

  1. Wow seriously?? What a douchebag… that is not cool.


  2. wow, what a fucker. even his negative feedback left for you is poorly written. i’d probably try and like, report him to etsy if they have any method for refuting negative feedback.

    the way that I try (and usually fail) to not let my rage at these types of situations turn me into the incredible hulk is to remind myself that karma is a bitch and this ahole has some crap coming to him!


  3. Oh, I will totally go flame that guy’s Etsy shop.


  4. Right, I’d suggest contacting some Etsy customer service if there is anything available. Also maybe start hotlinking to some etsy stores belonging to his competitors. Hit him in the pocketbook by actively diverting his income stream!


    1. I did report. Etsy says that his feedback doesn’t meet the standards of removal, per their “Dos and Dont’s” of use. I dunno, lying seems like a “Don’t”, to me.


      1. What?! That’s total bullshit. That’s obvious retaliation. Don’t let up; keep writing them until they take it down. Etsy gets its elitist head up its ass sometimes about shit like this. If you have twitter, friend them and flame them, this shop, and the whole situation CONSTANTLY. They tend to pay attention to being shit talked. Particularly in cases like this where it’s completely warranted.

        Failing all of that, go to etsybitch.blogspot.com and write them an email. They’ll blow that shit sky high.


  5. Is there any way for you to comment on every single one of the products he has for sale, so potential buyers know who they’re dealing with? that would be fun.


    1. You can’t comment until you buy, unfortunately. So I’d have to give him more money to leave any further feedback.


  6. lets all buy the cheapest crap he has just so we can give him negative ratings. see what 10-20 bad ratings does for his rep!


  7. Or how about you report his blatant copyright infringement to the various companies he’s ripping off? Seriously, I’m sure Disney, Apple, Nintendo, Hello Kitty, etc. would be happy to assist getting his shop shut down.


  8. Glad to see that you submitted this to Etsy Call Out! Total trademark infringement going on, like SP said.


  9. This douche totally deserves to be reported to every company whose designs he’s stealing. I don’t care if he printed out the sticker himself, he does NOT own those copyrighted characters and does not deserve to profit off them.

    tips(at)disneyantipiracy is a good place to start. They take copyright seriously.


  10. Oh — and they also have an Antipiracy voice mail hotline, 818-560-3300.


  11. So, uh. you didn’t provide the one piece of information required for a custom size product you were purchasing…. and then left them a neutral feedback mark on his business profile? That’s nice of you. Obviously the seller’s level of customer service left something to be desired but.. It was your mistake that created the problem, you should perhaps take a bit of ownership in the situation. The customer isn’t always right.

    And…. for those that are pointing out that this shop is using copyright protected images in the shop – That obviously didn’t phase the buyer when she thought she was getting a super deal on a cheap laptop sticker – instead of sourcing and paying for an officially licensed sticker.


    1. I wasn’t aware that they made licensed and approved stickers of HAL the robot eye from 2001…

      I make no bones about his copyright infringement, and, if the seller had been reasonable, I would actually have purchased another, properly sized sticker. But, situation being what it was, that’s a no.


  12. Can we also find some way to report this jackass to the punctuation police? Seems hyphenates and apostrophes are not his thing.


  13. I am just sick and tired of people who continue to buy from these characters that use copyrighted images and names. I am sure he does not have a license to use Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Lego and all that other infringing material. I refuse to support any of these unoriginal jerks making money off of someone else’s idea and artwork! Stop giving these people your money. Why buy from someone with 91% feedback? That feedback alone would make me run the other way fast!


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