Could use a good dose of I don’t know what.

Today was the fat slob with skin problems and ill-fitting clothes day. It was the bad hair day. It was the day when my last nerve was worn thin, even BEFORE the internet went out. Today was not a day to listen as my boyfriend yelled at Verizon. It was the day when I couldn’t wrap my mind around small things. It was a “thank God for Pho” day, and then, promptly, a “hey this Pho kind of sucks” day. Then, just as it was about to become the day when I got JUST THIS ONE THING (AND JUST THIS ONE THING WOULD BE ENOUGH) accomplished, the toner in my printer went out. And it became the day where problems bleed through to tomorrow.


One response to “Could use a good dose of I don’t know what.”

  1. I hate those days where problems bleed into tomorrow. Today was my first day without problems from yesterday all week. And what did I find when I got to my desk this morning…..oh, just more fresh problems to tackle…..


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