Cover Me.

So hey, I just found out something awesome. Wanna hear?

Katsumi got a new job! Yay for Katsumi! But no wait, that’s not the awesome part! The awesome part is that, once we finally divorce, I’m no longer covered under his health insurance! WOW! Isn’t that awesome? I think so.

You know, or not.

I had this magical notion at one point that MA law mandated a spouse with coverage to cover the spouse sans coverage, until such time as that spouse remarried or obtained coverage on his/her own. Problem with magical notions is: they’re not real. This one time, I imagined I had a million trillion dollars and a dozen pairs of Manolos. That wasn’t real, either. Reality sucks.

But reality is this: Divorcing Katsu is going to cost much more than the court fee, my friends. I take five kinds of medication daily to keep me on-par, my diagnoses include multiple eating and mood disorders, and I’ve got one 5-week hospitalization under my belt. I need good insurance more than I need halfway decent wine or even middling vodka. Or cheese.

If anyone has some real-world advice, I’m absolutely all ears.

One response to “Cover Me.”

  1. It would still cost a butt load (roughly $400-$500/month), but you could consider going on COBRA. It’s expensive, but the coverage would be the same as you have now, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your current prescriptions not being covered by switching over to a new plan. Maybe you and your ex could work it out so that he could help pay for that? Best of luck. Sux.


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