So the new fun thing in my life is a changeover from Celexa to Effexor, still maintaining my usual ration of Abilify and Ativan, which means that I spend all day simultaneously wanting to scale large buildings, chew through piles of wood, and curl up in bed with my sad pants on. I can’t focus on ANYTHING.

ie: I started writing this blog post, then stopped to try and play songs I don’t know on the guitar. After three minutes, I got up to smoke a cigarette (while skimming a couple pages of “girl, interrupted”) and finally settled on rolling change.

Why rolling change?

Because we’re broke, motherfuckers! Yesterday I learned that my hospitalization makes me ineligible for unemployment until pretty much now, which means my credit card bill is woah, my savings accounts are drained, and my bank account is so far into the red it doesn’t know what black is anymore.

Rolling change kept me occupied for about 20 minutes, which was fantastic. But you don’t want to know how many times I mis-counted the quarters.

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