So like, why am I DOING this, anyway?

Over the last month or so, there’s been a bit of private controversy vis a vis my being so candid on the blog. Concerned friends worrying I’m revealing too much, that sort of thing, and I was all “no no no, it’s fine, I write what I want” and etc, which is true.

But I guess I don’t normally think of my blog being read by some of the people who read it. Yesterday, I heard that someone I respect and admire makes the occasional visit to, a former colleague whose opinion I value above almost all else, and that he learned the real reason for my leaving my job via this website. I was a little taken aback. I wondered, for the first time, SHOULD I be so open about what I’m going through? Should I be talking about my meds, my diagnosis, my internal struggles, my private medical information that even my treaters can’t access without a signed waiver?

I thought about it overnight, and I came to a conclusion.


Regardless of how my candor might affect the way I’m viewed by friends, family, or former coworkers, I think it’s important for me to share my trials in this kind of a forum. It’s important for me, and I hope it’s important for others. During some dark days in my own past, I took great comfort in reading posts written by other people struggling with depression, anxiety, etc, and it’s my greatest wish that somewhere, sometime, somebody else will read this and realize hey, wow. I’m not alone. So I think I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing. Regardless.

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