KHW #7: Breaking my own mold.

Milestones of today:

I went out to dinner and didn’t drink. That’s not bizarre in and of itself – Robin’s working a program of recovery, so I usually try to show solidarity by sticking to Diet Coke when I’m out with her.

But what IS weird is that I didn’t miss it. Like, I had ribs and chicken and diet coke and I didn’t even once wish I was drinking a beer instead.

After dinner, I went to Target and didn’t buy anything. NOTHING. Not even the sweatpants that were on sale for three dollars. Not even the cute black ruffle-sleeved tank top that was new in stores last week. Not even socks, which I actually need pretty badly here, on day 7 of our 7th shoot.

And now, I’m back in my hotel room, it’s barely ten pm, and I’m in my pajamas in bed.

And I’m eating apricot bourbon beef jerky.

What the fuck is going on around here. I don’t know.

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