I hear that step one is admitting you have a problem…

and I think I’m addicted to my computer. I fly out tomorrow to spend seven days drinking in Costa Rica, a 30th birthday celebration for my girl Christina**, and all I can think about is WTF I’ll do without my sweet little MacBook. Let it be known, I have no shortage of other crap to worry about: until last week I didn’t have a bathing suit, I don’t have enough cash in my bank account to cover the trip, and still I don’t really know where my passport is, but for some reason the prospect of NO COMPUTER FOR SEVEN DAYS renders all else trivial. Christina tells me not to bring the laptop, that we’ll be zipping around in a rental car and there’s a high rate of theft for all things electronic, but seriously each leg of travel is like eleven hours and I don’t think I can make it through without access to all my work docs, spreadsheets, and inqscribe files.

I’d planned to send the Mac for a short stay in Apple’s care while I was abroad – my DVD burner shit the bed during last month’s clip reel nightmare – so the logical thing would be to suck it up and go analog… but I really just don’t think I’m capable. Send help. Send advice. Or send me to techno-rehab, I just don’t know.

** follow the link to go to her page on Etsy.com! I’m sure she’d like nothing more for her birthday than to sell some handmade loveliness… either that or bodyshots.

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