A rare gift and a fun trip

While gleefully paying down $1500.00 of my credit card debt, I noticed that my APR had dropped 15 points. I’ve been gently nosing the upper limit of the card for months now, so I thought, if anything, they’d increase my credit line, which is tantamount to feeding a junkie weak methadone and calling it a favor.

Juniper Bank, what will you do for me next? A 15-point APR drop is about as good as a spa mani-pedi plus facial, in my book, but I could also use a back massage or some time in the hot tub. Let me know when you decide – I’ll be right here.


After the February shoot, I went to visit my college roommate. While I was there, the All Points West festival was announced, and she bought three tickets right away. “I live like, 20 minutes from the stage, it would be LUDICROUS for me not to go.” Shit, she didn’t need to rationalize anything to ME – I was all for it. But, not knowing our shooting schedule, I couldn’t commit.

Not many weeks ago, she emailed to say that she had WON vip tickets to all shows, and might I be able to drive down just for Saturday? Maybe?

Um, yes. Definitely.

So tonight, I’m driving to Jersey and tomorrow, I’m seeing FUCKING RADIOHEAD. It’s ok to be jealous, and to weep a little. I would, if I weren’t me.

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