One last post about insomnia, and then I’ll be making fun of hippies again.

No big surprise, I didn’t sleep again last night. Actually, that’s not quite accurate – I slept from like 7am to 11:30. with breaks at 8:30, 9, and 9:30. I may also have slept from sometime around 3am until sometime around 4, but there’s really no telling.

The thing is, in some ways, it’s not all that bad. I can waste hours playing this lame video game that I’m kind of obsessed with and feel no guilt about the irredeemable brain-suck, or I can sprawl out with a bag of pita chips and read 150 pages of my new book without worrying that I’m being exclusionary. For a certain portion of the night, the not-sleeping gives admission to a vast, untouchable swath of time that I never have to answer for, ever. And it’s awesome.

Then, around sunrise, things take a sharp and sudden turn for the worse. Because as much as I enjoy being able to laze around and do nothing, I really AM tired – VERY tired – and I can’t believe I’m watching the sun rise again. I’m suddenly beyond irritable, and knowing that being pissed off drastically reduces the likelihood that I’ll sleep only serves to irk me more. Lately, I’ve wound up throwing the papasan mattress on the floor in a huff and sulkily resting there until Katsumi goes to work, at which time I claim our entire bed for my own somnifacient enjoyment.

So it’s kind of like fat-free half-and-half: a good idea in theory that’s actually really gross and ill-conceived in practice. Is that too much of a reach? I thought so.

Clearly, I need a hippie festival. (yes, the correct ending to this sentence is “like another hole in the head”) Look to Facebook and Flickr for mobile uploads from Gathering of the Vibes, where, I’m sure, I’ll get all the catch-up-sleep I could possibly wish for. Or not.

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