On Going Viral (which is happening):



So I work for this non-profit part-time, doing social media management and IT infrastructure. And today, this thing we made we went viral. Totally viral. We’ve front-paged on Grist, HuffPo, WaPo, GIZMODO, Reddit, Daily Mail, and on and on and on. I can’t even list the links, there are so many. Our website just reached 100,000 visits today. We’ve already had to scale up our servers once. Our Facebook fans are set to double, we’re seeing more action on Google+ than Google+ has probably ever seen, and I’m hammering out tweets like I’m getting paid for it.

Oh wait. I am.

The best picture ever

OK so whatever, anyway, this is completely overwhelming for me. One second I’m giddy with excitement, the next I’m ready to pass out, and the next I find myself out back on the porch, chain smoking and reloading my Pages app… not in a healthy way. So I’m just putting this out there, giving out some free advice for my peeps: this going viral business? IT IS NOT ALL FLOWERS AND ROSES.

Gleeful and nauseous,




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