Posting about Facebook on Facebook.

B! deactivated his Facebook profile a few days ago, if nobody’s noticed. I hate it when people deactivate their Facebook profiles, and always feel irrationally responsible when someone does so. The fact that I have Defriend Finder doesn’t help matters any. At any rate, I knew he’d deactivated practically before he’d hit “confirm”.

Rather peeved, I asked him, “So does this mean I’m single on Facebook?”

He didn’t think it was very funny. He may even have found it slightly creepy. I, however, think it’s hilarious. Single on Facebook! What a concept! I’d go ahead and change my relationship status, but that would probably be kind of alarming… to those of us who are on Facebook, anyway.

3 responses to “Posting about Facebook on Facebook.”

  1. He deactivated again? Jeez. He’ll be back. Till then, you just have an imaginary boyfriend, and that’s OK.


  2. B! Who Deactivated Facebook Avatar
    B! Who Deactivated Facebook

    Hey now, there’s no again, this was the first time I’ve deactivated my Facebook! Until now, I’ve been on there since early 2008.

    I have, however, de/re/de-activated my profiles on orkut and friendster and myspace and all the other social media sites that spun their webs into me.

    Need a break!

    I do miss seeing the status updates that guilt you into re-posting. Like “I know only a few of my friends will re-post this, and those that do will reveal themselves not to be lying, degenerate scumbags”.


  3. Deactivating Facebook, there is a thought.


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