it’s kind of miraculous that I’m even alive.

I’m not really an app junkie, not that you’d know it from looking at my iPhone. I have apps for everything: sending a FedEx, making a Skype call, simulating the sound of an audience laughing, and buying expensive video equipment. But, I mean, the only apps that I actually USE are Facebook, Twitter, and Zynga Poker. I keep the rest around “for fun” – aka “for when I’m bored”.

Predictably, the other day, I was bored. I was also bored of my apps. So I decided to install a NEW app, one to help me on my way back to skinny jeans. It’s called “Lose It!” (exclamation mark intended) and it’s essentially a digital version of the little calorie notebook I kept in high school except ten times more awesome. It knows the nutrient stats for eating three and a half swedish fish, for example, and how many calories are in one ounce of Triscuits. This is beneficial in two ways: 1) fuels my odd penchant for metrics /and/ 2) accommodates my strange eating habits.

However, I’m beginning to see the dark side of “Lose It!” as well. It’s one thing to be like, oh yeah, OK, today I ate a hamburger, some nachos, a stick of celery and three glasses of red wine, but it’s quite another to see it all there totaled up for you – HAMBURGER (FAST FOOD) NACHOS (FAST FOOD) RED WINE 18oz – and be like, that’s what fueled my body today. Well, sweet.

If America runs on Dunkin’, I must run on saturated fat. Or alcohol fumes. One or the other.


One response to “it’s kind of miraculous that I’m even alive.”

  1. My wife has had great luck with the site/app spark people. It tracks not only food, like lose it, but it tracks exercise and helps you reach a user defined goal (weight loss, endurance, general fitness). It helps prevent the common peaks and valleys that come with deciding to get back into fitness, ie: working out like crazy and not eating at the beginning, and day by day working out less and eating more. She has used it to reach various goals at different times, losing baby weight, prepping for a 50mi charity bike ride etc. I think it’s great that there are so many resources available these days, good luck.


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