Has conflicting feelings about Pinterest.

I want to love Pinterest. And I do. I mean, lots of pictures of pretty things, LOLcats that really do make me LOL, and the occasional (but increasingly frequent) Bible quotation against a pastoral / beach-themed background. Luscious recipe hints aside thinspo underwear models. Who can’t identify with a lusting for both?

But what’s been getting me about Pinterest lately are all these “bucket list” pins. “Throw a dart on a map and travel wherever it lands” or “Own a Cadillac”. “Meet Taylor Swift”. Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with wanting these things, working for these things, or hoping for these things, it’s just… a little…

Well, let’s face it. My bucket list is like, “Have a clean kitchen floor for more than 2 days running”. “Own a doublewide, because a house is totally out of the question”. “Wear matching blacks”. Not exactly what one might call “aspirational”, but, sometimes, just as unattainable. It makes me kind of sad and nostalgic, these wishes from girls out there in foreverland, dreaming of things I realize I will likely never have, and it makes me think about how I used to frame the world. Perhaps, how we all once framed it. Full of opportunity and ripe for the picking.

What happened, and when did it become so? And why did we think we were ever so entitled in the first place?




One response to “Has conflicting feelings about Pinterest.”

  1. so Avatar

    Hm, this really got me thinking, and as such I want to do you the courtesy of responding, but I’m not sure what to say. On the one hand, I don’t really believe in a bucket list myself, so my inclination is to be all like “Yeah, see? You don’t need no stinking Bucket List,” but on the other hand that would be really insensitive to the wistfulness you express.

    To that end, I propose the following: I am starting my very own bucket list, and here’s how it starts.

    1. Have yet another incredible adventure with Erin that she will put on her bucket list retroactively just so she can cross it off.

    And than once I cross that off, I’m going to put it back in the rotation as a reminder! I’m feeling pretty good about this list already…


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