Needs an upgrade?

I’m really in a quandary. I have this broken-ass old iPhone 3G. Yes 3G. I’m probably the last person on the planet to still be using one of these things, and I’ve been planning to upgrade for the better part of 6 months. The home button is sticky. It doesn’t mute ringtones anymore. Last weekend, I dropped it facedown on a granite floor. The pixels are bleeding out and dying. BUT IT STILL TETHERS.

So what do I do? Do I upgrade, and forsake the mobile bliss of the tether? Or do I stick it out until the phone finally kicks it completely? I’d really miss using Facebook on my laptop in my car – you don’t know nirvana until you’ve logged into your bank account while traveling at 80mph in the passenger seat. Comments and thoughts are much appreciated.


3 responses to “Needs an upgrade?”

  1. Time to go Android with any one of a number of phones easily rooted and even custom-ROMed to enable tethering without the fee. 🙂

    As for the iPhone – they do allow tethering now, don’t they? If you pay the toll to enable it, right?


  2. I just upgraded my 3G (yes, also 3G) a few weeks ago to a 4S. The difference is unreal. It used to take literally 5 minutes to open the FB app, and I couldn’t even play games anymore since after less than 10 minutes of bird flinging, the battery would die. You may not really miss tethering since the web experience is so much better on the newer phones. But you can still do it, if you want to pay much higher service fees ($45 for 4GB and tethering).
    Personally, I’d just get the new phone and see how it is without it. As an aside, a busted up 3G still has value, I sold mine on cr for $75.
    I don’t know much about android, but I have read that carriers are sending out emails to customers that are using tethering apps and not paying extra fees and telling them they are going to have to change their service plan to include tethering, so it might be a moot point, OS-wise.


  3. Keep the 3G. Use it as a IPod or when WiFi is available, use it then. But get another phone for calls/texts and/or internets stuff if you wish.

    Or you could probably just upgrade one time if you decide to extend the service.

    I have debated switching back to a regular phone, no texting and setting up an account to my old IPhone that I can only use with access to WiFi. Decisions, Decisions.


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