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Hates being reminded.

Although I’ve never had any cash to speak of, I’ve always been incredibly interested in finance. I had a subscription to Money magazine when I was making Burger King wages on my first doc job, and I aspire to one day put my knowledge of mutual funds to good solid use. With the start of my production company, I got even more religious about tracking spending and fell in love with! You’re totally free! You have unlimited categories! You generate your own reports! YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN QUICKEN!

At least, that’s what I thought. starts off easy, like a waltz. One-two-three, ONE-two three, one-two-three, ONE-two three, and you’re halfway across the dance floor when it accidentally steps on your dress. And, instead of apologizing, it tells you you’ve been charged an ATM fee of $2.00.

Next thing you know, it’s telling you all KINDS of crap you don’t want to hear at ALL kinds of inopportune times. Just after my computer dies is not the time to let me know that my credit card bill is overdue, and if I think I’ve been tightening my belt by not going out to dinner, please do NOT lecture me about how I’m overspending on groceries. It’s gotten kind of depressing over there at, really, and I’ve stopped coming around so much., you are on notice. I’m totally turning off push notifications.


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