Somewhere inside, I’m just a long-haired dude with a bag of chips in one hand and a 2-liter Mountain Dew in the other.

I mean, I could update you guys about a lot of things. I could give you the over/under on all the tablets coming to market, and might, meanwhile, expound upon the relative merits of converting to ProRes 422 when using Final Cut Pro. I’m eagerly awaiting the maturity of HTML5. I own four 1-TB hard drives.

Ask Katsumi – I wasn’t born this geeky. When he first met me, at 22, I’d literally just learned how to type. I remember pecking out whole papers in the computer lab at college because I didn’t realize you could save your file to a floppy disc. FLOPPY DISC. I didn’t learn about technology until I absolutely had to – I had no head for it, I thought, it had no soul.

My first gig with Pusser provided impetus for the honing of my secretarial skills, and then, suddenly finding myself the PA at a high-end post-production facility, I had to learn everything else fairly quickly. It’s still a matter of some pride that I know how to daisy-chain three HDCam decks so they’ll all dub at once. By the time I went back to Pusser in 2008, I was configuring the fiber-channel storage for our Avid system and honing our workflow for a straight line from production to online.

I’d be lying if I said that Katsu had nothing to do with this transformation – I turned to him whenever I needed IT support, which was often, and relied on him to guide me through the bits and bytes of day-to-day business. But now there is no Katsu. I mean, that’s not totally true, I definitely texted him and was like “WTF is HTML5” before I got all about HTML5, but still. You can’t lean on your estranged spouse the way you leaned on your husband. And, you know, that’s cool. I like to stand on my own two feet.

But what I’d REALLY like is one of these. Techporn. What a feeling.

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