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SHAMELESS self-promotion

HEY HEY GUYS! GUYS! I’M ON THE INTERNET! FOR REAL THIS TIME! If I haven’t already compelled you to watch these videos through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Gmail bombardment, I beseech you one last time to indulge me. I am so proud of these little pieces – I edited “Activities“, “Classes“, “Friends“, “Home“, and “The Key Twirl” – and it was such a blast to work with the footage. It’ll take literally less than a minute. Then come back here and tell me I’m awesome.


8 replies on “SHAMELESS self-promotion”

erin. you are indeed awesome. super fantastic, i might even venture. (also, all those kids look about 12 years old. wtf i am old now.)


Hey! You’re awesome! That was a very well-done video. Hey, look, Ma! I know someone on the internet!


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