Maybe good things DO happen to small people

Yesterday, in between cooking a smorgasbord of dishes for B! and I to enjoy with the snow, I cleaned the bedroom a little bit. And guess what I found?


Yes! This is awesome. This means I don’t have to go crazy, I don’t have to sleep 14 hours a day, I don’t have to fend off paranoid delusions that the world is out to get me. This means I can breathe. I still need to taper down and get off the stuff (even a WHOLE BOTTLE OF ABILIFY is still a finite amount), but this means I can increase my Effexor to compensate while tapering. I think. We’ll check with my doctor and see.

In other unrelated but still good news, Jake is coming home tonight! SMALL JAKE!! B! has mixed feelings about accepting the wily feline into our world of wonder, but I really miss the little guy. Can’t wait to have him yowling around the house again, hairballs and all.

2 responses to “Maybe good things DO happen to small people”

  1. Well, that’s great news. Halfway through the reveal I expected it to finish “BOTTLE OF CABERNET!” and was all ready to ask why you were keeping wine under your bed. This is better, though.


  2. Jake’s back! Hairballs but at least not balls!!! 😉


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