Labor Day, indeed.

Sunday: Flew back from DC, where I’d shot my cousin’s wedding with the world’s greatest photographer. Katsumi picked me up, and we spent an hour or two drinking questionable Budweiser and eating food the neighbors cooked while we tried to pack up a veritable ocean of odds and ends. Got home at one, alarm set for six.

Monday: Moved entire apartment from East Boston to my parents’ garage. The physical exertion was one thing, but spending what was actually quite a lovely day with the man I’m in the process of divorcing was, later, more difficult than I’d imagined. Got home at 12:30, alarm set for six.

Tuesday: Left home at 6:30 to start a marathon digitizing session that would last until 2am. Very stressful day, on very little sleep. Crashed on the work couch at 3am and dreamt I’d mucked up every tape. Alarm set for six.

Wednesday: More digitizing. Finally left work at 5pm. In bed by 10:30, alarm set for eight.

Thursday: Drove to Marblehead. Got a job offer. (!!!) (yay!) Celebrated by dining with my new boss and editing wedding video until midnight.

Friday: Drove to Allston to tie up loose ends and give my notice. While updating the admin guide, I got an email that turned a “potential” corporate client to “my first” corporate client, which made me elated and terrified all at once. We meet next Thursday to discuss details. In bed by eleven, alarm set for five thirty.

Saturday: Overslept but still got out the door by seven. Why so early? A yard sale, of course! I made a tidy twenty dollars, and I’m two moving boxes lighter. I spent the entire yard sale editing and doing research,  then straight to Cambridge to shoot this really beautiful wedding at Le Meridien. Both the bride and the groom had lost parents to lung cancer, which made me feel extra bad as I lit my post-reception cigarette. It was just about 11:30. Alarm set for nine.

Today: Edited all morning, large hazelnut coffee close at hand, and drove back to Eastie at one. I still had a carload of stuff to move out, believe it or not, and I had to look at an apartment in Revere. (Or, as it’s better known, Reveah.) I had time to do a little more work before zipping to Fifteen Beacon at five for yet another gorgeous rooftop wedding, and driving home at nine thirty it occurred to me that I really, really, REALLY deserve a day off.

… right after I work a little more on this montage sequence …

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