Things I Learned While Standing on the Kitchen Counter:

  • There’s an alarming number of food products out there with no expiration dates.
  • We really never did use that George Foreman Grill.
  • At some point, I stocked up on dried asian soups. And didn’t eat them.
  • Those crumbs don’t take care of themselves, do they? Boy oh!
  • We have a whole extra set of wedding plates sitting on top of the fridge. Back there in the corner, where I can’t usually see.
  • I don’t think we ever cleaned the top of the cabinets. Like, ever.
  • We have an extra set of those cool thermal glasses.
  • And an extra set of Wusthof steak knives.
  • This kitchen probably needs a blowtorch to sterilize it. What am I doing with this sponge.

3 responses to “Things I Learned While Standing on the Kitchen Counter:”

  1. Use the recipe for home-made cleaner I posted before… it’ll cut through anything. Like, anything. Seriously. And it’s a great disinfectant/anti-microbial.

    BTW, you’ve now made me very afraid to stand on my kitchen counter.


  2. you’re supposed to clean the top of the cabinets? sigh. we’re in for a treat…


  3. just don’t invite people over that are tall enough to see the top of the cabinets- that’s my rule…


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