/Starbucks, day 1

I woke up this morning in such a state. I’d gone to bed late, slept poorly, and all I really wanted was a big cup of coffee. My parents make coffee in the mornings, but it’s just candy-coated Folgers – the kind of joe you have to kill with sugar and milk – and that wasn’t about to cut the mustard. I choked down an oversweet cup and set off for work.

The whole drive in, I dreamed about a Starbucks and the venti cardboard vessel in which it comes. I dreamed about black coffee, quad capps, and yes, even the low-test tea latte. Any of them would have made me supremely happy but, my friends, I resisted. I thought about the cost savings, and my new tattoo, and the vow I’ve now made on the internet to eschew Starbucks for one month. I thought and I resisted, and now I am proud.

But I’m still tired.

Anyone out there getting married and want to meet me in an hour at the SB on Soldier’s Field Road? I’ll give you a deep discount on wedding videography, since my client meeting will allow me an easy out to purchase that which I so desire: a large black iced coffee. It’s gonna be a long long month.

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