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Quiet, now.

This has been total hell. The whole spring-into-summer. One slow-burning, creeping infection that reinvented itself hourly.┬áThere was the hospitalization, of course, but that was just the beginning. That was only the spark. It wasn’t like last time, this past time – again, June. There was no brandishing grand hopes of success or faith in newly […]

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Sometimes I think I’m charged with negative ions.

In what seems like a string of unimaginable coincidences, in the past several weeks I have spent the better part of a month’s salary on not-so-extravagant electronic items, only to have them die at their pulse-driven cores: zero by one by one. 1) Failed 2009 MacBook Pro RAM upgrade: $150 +/- 12 hours of my […]

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I called my shrink today. My insurance changed effective January 1 and, me being me, I’d put off calling my treaters until the last possible minute. (Our appointment was the following morning at 8:15.) She actually picked up, which threw me off guard a little, and brought up a very good point: with new insurance, […]


Next thing, I’ll be telling you all how much money I make.

THANKS A LOT, NEW YORK TIMES. I’m just sitting around, minding my own business, recovering from my New Year’s party and then WHAT? Here’s the Times talking about weight  – how once it goes on, seriously, it never comes off. The lengths to which people go to keep it off. Now, I may or […]

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Has conflicting feelings about Pinterest.

I want to love Pinterest. And I do. I mean, lots of pictures of pretty things, LOLcats that really do make me LOL, and the occasional (but increasingly frequent) Bible quotation against a pastoral / beach-themed background. Luscious recipe hints aside thinspo underwear models. Who can’t identify with a lusting for both? But what’s been […]