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Seems like I might have to get a new car. At 110,000 miles I’m not into sinking that much more money into the thing, and there’s a little squealing in the front brakes that makes me think that money might soon need to be sunk. I’m figuring somewhere in the realm of $500, and plus when they take my front end apart they’ll also see that my shocks are blown. Then they’ll look at the concrete-scraped side and want to replace a door or something, and then they’ll notice that my sideview mirror is bolted on with metal screws.

The car, you see, is no Lexus.

On top of all that, I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that a new clutch is somewhere not far off the horizon, although I have no basis for thinking so other than the fact that I’ve never replaced it. This worries me. I’m a worrier.

I have some money saved up I could use for a down payment, but I’m doing a serious cost/benefit analysis of the situation. And I figured, hey, why not ask the Internet? The internet always has such great advice. What would you do with the old car? Which new car would you get? Or would you just sally forth with worthless brakes, no shocks, and a clutch whose days are numbered?

4 responses to “open invitation”

  1. Maybe ask Dano or someone good with cars to look at it and assess it? I know Cam changes his own brakes and everything, I might be able to ask him to look at it if you’d like πŸ™‚


  2. I say get a new car. July is the best month to do it I have heard. My suggestions would be to not get a focus.


  3. I would trade it in and get a new car. You will worry about it every time it squeaks, bucks or makes otherwise strange noises. And if you have luck like mine it will break at the most inopportune time when you have other expenses ( I speak from experience). I got a shamrock tattoo on my foot recently in hopes of channeling some Irish luck my way. There are good deals at toyota and Kia has some sharp looking vehicles lately.


  4. I’d probably get a new car. I’d look to sell the old one on eBay Motors or Craigslist, you get more selling it yourself than on a trade. And if it is really just too beat, donate it to charity for the tax break.

    I can’t really give good advise on what to buy – I don’t pay much attention to the small/efficient cars. I’m 6’6″ so I can’t even drive most of them – I have a Dodge Charger, which is kind of the other end of the spectrum.

    But my partner did just recently buy a new Scion xD, and she loves it. And I can kind of fit in the passenger seat, I just scape my head on the door frame getting in. πŸ˜‰


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