An email to the producer who will soon be my other boss.

So after our dinner, I started thinking a lot more about where I put my cigarette butts, and I decided to try and break the habit of throwing spent smokes out the window while driving. I’m always equipped with a can of Diet Coke while on the road, and my car is littered with empties, so I figured, hey, why not make an unofficial ashtray? It’s been working out well. I keep the ashtray can in the far right cupholder, and the active can in the far left cupholder. I try to set up these systems for myself, you see. Problem is, I’m not always good at sticking to my systems.

Cut to Sunday night. It’s 12:30am, I’ve just gotten home from a weekend in North Carolina, and I’m absolutely parched. I reach down to the far left cupholder, grab my can of Diet, and take a healthy swig. I come away with the foulest taste in my mouth since the ill-fated mai tai of Friday morning… fouler, even. There was a floater butt in my left hand can.

So you’ve done a great thing for the Earth but a bad thing for me… I still feel bad throwing my butts out the window, and will continue to implement the ashtray can, but MAN. that was GROSS.

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  1. Betcha won’t do that again. Or maybe you will but with slight hesitation next time….coming from someone who has done the same thing more than once 🙂


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