One-way conversation from Mexico

I’m poolside, basking in the sun, pale as the day is long, when all of a sudden this tall Mexican comes striding through the lawn chairs at me. He’s some kind of activities director for the resort, I gather, all high energy and loosely uniformed.

“PLEASE don’t burn yourself” he implores earnestly, as though the very words bring pain to utter. “The sun, it is hot, and – what kind of SPF do you wear?”

“Um, fifteen.”

“FIFTEEN? Fifteen, that is NOTHING! Even 85, 90 is nothing! This sun is strong! Please. Please. Do not burn yourself.”

“I mean, it’s OK, I wasn’t going to stay out here very long, like – ” Wondering now why I feel the need to defend my choice of sunscreen (kind of a personal decision, if you ask me).

“Take off your glasses.”


“Take off your glasses, I want to see your eyes.”

I raise my sunglasses, squinting. Painful.

“I like you better without!” He grins, laughing as he walks away.

Thanks dude. I like me better WITH. ttyl.

One response to “One-way conversation from Mexico”

  1. creepy… no wonder you went back to the bar. lol


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