One-way conversation with an old guy in Miami

I’m trying desperately to find a working outlet at the Miami airport so I can charge my computer before my flight to Cancun. All the plugs on the Samsung charger are full, and the plugs in the wall don’t seem to be operational

Me: Shit.

Guy: looks up from his book

Me: Can you believe this? NONE of these plugs work! Not a single one!

Guy: Well, at least the electricity is free…

Me: Well of COURSE it’s free! This whole airport RUNS on electricity! The least they could do is PROVIDE us with some! God, they just fuck you and fuck you around here. Like, how hard would it have been just to leave these outlets working? I mean, really! God!

Guy: uncomfortably silent

Me: If they don’t get you one way, they’ll get you another. That’s for sure. Fuckers.

Guy: looks back down at his book

Me: God.

Me: looks at guy for a response

Guy: gives none

Me: walks away.

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