An informal poll on the invasion of privacy

I was writing this long, wordy post but I just got tired of it and deleted the whole thing. Here’s the crux of the matter:

Someone leaves their journal at your house. Do you read it?

Last night, blissed out on fish tacos and Albarino, I accidentally did just that – left the journal, that is. At first I freaked out, but then I figured, nothing I can do about it now, right? And as journals go, this one is fairly benign. To get to the juicy bits, you’d also have to slog through notes for my client weddings, grocery lists, and pages upon pages of Tarot spreads. But, if you were determined, you could probably learn a lot more about me than I’d care for most people to know.

So back to my question. If you were my friend, would you read my journal? I want to say that I wouldn’t, but I know myself too well. I would probably totally read it. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but I feel like there must be more of you out there. Tell me.

6 responses to “An informal poll on the invasion of privacy”

  1. your journal? uh, yes!!! i would totally read it. but i probably already know most of what is in there….i think. there are probably a few surprises here and there. anyone else’s journal….probably not. dude, that’s an invasion of privacy!


  2. I probably would, but depending on what was in it, I might deny having read it!
    I am too nosy for my own good. 😦


  3. Dude, I would do my best to resist. I would be upset of someone read my stuff, do unto others, etc.


  4. No, I woldn’t. In general. And in specific: dude, I read your blog. I don’t need to read your journal too.


  5. I would not read a friend’s journal. Privacy, respect, yadda yadda, but mostly I’d just figure that if there were something I wasn’t supposed to know I don’t know it for a reason!
    Now, someone that I actively dislike? Oh hell, I’d read their journal. No debate.


  6. Seiosuly – if it were you I would read it but I have known you for quite a few years, so there is some form of entitlement there and I would be daring enough to say that your probably wouldn’t care if I did…
    If you were merely an acquaintancy or a lesser known friend, I would not. I may skim rather briefly… but I wouldn’t be reading and taking mental notes or anything of the like.


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